Gus has a disposition toward community. He believes that we are sustained by the things that are nearest to us – families, churches, neighborhoods, civic associations, business groups, local governments, local schools, local volunteer groups. By revitalizing these mediating institutions, Gus believes we can provide more opportunities to do what we are made to do – serve one another.

Protecting Education

Successful schools are at the center of successful communities, and so we need to invest to give students, parents, and teachers the best chance to succeed. That means we need to reduce class sizes, reform the Quality Basic Education (QBE) formula, support good teachers, and protect the HOPE scholarship. We also need to recognize that not everyone will go to a four-year college, and so we need to support community colleges and trade education, so that every child has a future.

Reducing Traffic

All major economic centers are based on transportation. That’s why most major cities are also ports and why Atlanta, as terminus for the railroads, was born. Our transportation infrastructure needs to keep pace with the continued growth of the metro Atlanta region. But there are no quick or easy solutions, since transportation investments are expensive and often permanent. We need to make thoughtful investments in our roads and bridges and require a cost-benefit analysis for all new projects.

Protecting Taxpayers

As a tax lawyer, I spend each and every day analyzing the tax law and how it affects people and businesses. I have worked on transactions at the highest levels of the economy. I understand the costs of taxes and the great burden of tax compliance, and so I am committed to keeping taxes low, simple, and fair. But we cannot reduce taxes or eliminate government fees without reforming how the government spends, and so we need a budget that prioritizes core government responsibilities.

The General Assembly is currently considering a tax reform proposal to create a flat tax in Georgia. Any aggressive promises for additional aggressive tax reform should be thoughtfully considered – proposals for additional fundamental reform are likely to be unsuccessful and ineffective.

Public Safety

The men and women in uniform protect us from would be predators and thugs. We have a responsibility to make sure their compensation is commensurate with the risks they take. We must also recognize that Atlanta, as a major international city and convention destination, remains a center of human trafficking. We must give law enforcement the resources they need to fight these horrendous criminals and secure justice for the victims.

Improving Healthcare

Gus, as the son of a physician, believes that health care decisions should be made by patients, their families, and the doctors they know and trust. He is committed to quality, affordability, and choice.

Conservative Values

Gus believes conservative values can help children learn better, create good paying jobs, and reduce poverty. Gus is a “Certified Pro-Life Candidate” by the Georgia Life Alliance, the recognized Georgia affiliate of National Right to Life.

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